Welcome to Avalon Dentistry located on Shadeland Avenue in Indianapolis. We are proud to be a part of the Avalon Hills neighborhood. We are a full service dental office specializing in family and cosmetic dentistry. Our dentists provide exceptional dental care that includes veneers, whitening, dentures, fillings and crowns. Our strengths are in the quality of our dental care and the way we treat and engage our patients. We pride ourselves on creating a positive and welcoming experience for our patients each time they walk in through our doors. We invite you to stop by and visit us or schedule an appointment.

Avalon Dentistry has earned the service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award, reflecting an exemplary year of service provided to members of the consumer review service in 2013. This is the third year in a row that Avalon Dentistry has achieved this highest distinction. Click here to view and download the press release.

  • You have really changed my life

    " I would like to thank you once again for helping me with my teeth. I have had a lot of people say that every time they see me I have this beautiful smile on my face an it’s all thanks to you. You have really changed my life and I greatly appreciate what you have done for me. Thank you so much for making me a happier person."

    Mrs. C.
    July 2014

  • The front staff was really helpful

    “ The front staff was really helpful in checking my insurance and getting it approved and it was on a Saturday. The hygienist is great … They are easy to work with. The office was clean”

    Mrs. H.
    March 2014

  • It’s been a pleasure

    “ It’s been a pleasure coming here for more years than I want to admit to.”

    Mrs R.
    January 2014

  • A warm smile

    " A warm smile, familiar voice & a pleasing aura is so nice to encounter when calling or coming into the office.”

    Mrs. K.
    January 2014

  • Thank you for all the years

    “ Thank you for all the years of good service and kindness!”

    Mrs. N.
    December 2013

  • It is so nice to go somewhere where people know your name

    “ It is so nice to go somewhere where people know your name and care for you.”

    December 2013

  • She is real patient, quiet, and listens

    " She is real patient, quiet, and listens.  She is very calm, and knowledgeable.  The hygienist is very friendly and chat-able.  The thing that is also nice is that while you are getting your teeth cleaned one can look out of the window and there is a bird feeder out there."

    Mr. & Mrs. G. Indianapolis
    January 2014

  • felt relaxed and comfortable

    “ As soon as I walked into the office I felt relaxed and comfortable. The staff is very friendly and helpful.  …She is an excellent dentist.”

    Elizabeth M. Indianapolis
    October 2013

  • made me feel appreciated

    “ This practice is awesome … Cleaning was routine but they were efficient with my time but still made me feel appreciated … You can't go wrong with either Dr. Chris or Dr. Beavers. Their hygienists are fantastic too!  I highly recommend them and will continue to use them until they tell me they are no longer in business.”

    John W. Indianapolis
    October 2013

  • fair to your patients

    “ You always give great service and are so fair to your patients …”

    Jen S.
    October 2013

  • so gentle

    “ The first dentist I ever had that was so gentle.  You helped take the fear out of dental visits …”

    Judy L.
    October 2013

  • competent skill

    “ My 90 year old teeth sure appreciate your competent skill … You are all such special people – God bless you for making my dental trips that better my life.”

    Pat B.
    October 2103

  • comfortable, competent care

    “ Thanks for many years of comfortable, competent care!”

    Jean S.
    October 2103

  • Great job!

    “ From the Daughter of an orthodontist – Great Job!”

    Susan H. Indianapolis
    October 2103

  • friendly, welcoming, and comforting!

    “ Everyone is extremely friendly, welcoming, and comforting! … we won’t go anywhere else.”

    Tara W.
    October 2013

  • great experience

    “ I had a great experience.  They provide thorough (but not over the top) teeth cleaning.  Avalon is a great general dentistry office.”

    Mark T.  Fishers Indiana
    September 2013

  • kind and patient

    “ Thank you for being so kind and patient with someone like me, who is always tearful when it comes to dental procedures …”

    Mrs. D.
    August 2013

  • office looks beautiful

    “ Everyone is friendly, the office looks beautiful.  But most of all everyone seems to do a super job! …”

    Mr. S.
    August 2013

  • make me feel welcome

    “ Even though I don’t see you professionally as often as I should - you always make me feel welcome …”

    Pam K.
    August 2013

  • enjoyable

    “ Thank you for making coming to the dentist enjoyable!  I feel like when I come here I’m with family!”

    Kasey H.
    August 2013

  • “… wonderful care …”

    “… We are in our 80’s and still have our teeth!  …  You have taken wonderful care of our teeth and those of our children. …”

    Mr. & Mrs. V. 
    August 2013

  • “… coming here for 50 years.”

    “… I’ve been coming here for 50 years.  Thanks’ for all you have done.”

    Mary. M. 
    August 2013

  • “… feel so fortunate …”

    “I feel so fortunate that you are my dentist … You and everybody here are the greatest!!”

    Mrs. A. 
    August 2013

  • “… warm atmosphere …”

    “…  I’ve always felt I had the best care … Your offices are more like a home with a warm atmosphere …”

    David S. 
    August 2013

  • “… appreciate your excellent care.”

    “… We appreciate your excellent care.  I think of you every time I smile.”

    The G. Family
    August 2013

  • “… always on time.”

    “They are very quick with appointments. They are always on time. We love everything about it; the staff, the receptionist and the service from the dental hygienist and the dentist …”

    Laura G. Fishers Indiana
    August 2013

  • “… gentle and careful.”

    “The dentist is very gentle and careful. The service is great, including the hygienist.  They are excellent.”

    Jean U. Carmel Indiana
    July 2013

  • “I trust them … “

    “I trust them because they do a very thorough job … The wait time is very good. The staff is always very friendly and professional. The only issue I have is with price.  They have a very good dental practice.”

    Mr. & Mrs. G. Indianapolis
    July 2013

  • “I enjoy coming to your office …”

    “… Thank you for taking the fear out of visiting the dentist.  I enjoy coming to your office ...”

    Carol A. 
    June 2103

  • “… professional excellence and warmth …”

    “… You are a wonderful blend of professional excellence and warmth …”

    Judy T. 
    June 2013

  • “… blessing in my life.”

    “… Your time and skill and caring heart have been a blessing in my life.”

    Grace L. 
    June 2013

  • “… work ethic and character are superb! …”

    “… I appreciate your commitment to customer service especially the time you called me back when you were out of town on vacation, not many people would have done that.  Your work ethic and character are superb! …”

    Cassandra J. 
    June 2013

  • “… best dentist I’ve ever had …”

    “… You have been the best dentist I’ve ever had – professional, knowledgeable, gentle and very sweet!  I am thankful for your expertise.”

    Linda M. 
    June 2013

  • “… completely trust …”

    “… Everyone is always kind & professional, and I completely trust whatever is suggested for a plan of care.”

    Pam J. 
    June 2013

  • “… very good …”

    “… Everyone is very professional and the office is very good at what they do.  We’ve used them for almost 20 years… ”

    Rob F. Carmel Indiana
    June 2013

  • “… very happy …”

    "… We've used her for 30 years and we're very happy…"

    Stephen B. Avon Indiana
    June 2013

  • “Wonderful experience.”

    "Wonderful experience."

    Jessica R. Fishers Indiana
    June 2013

  • “… keep up with the latest technology …”

    “… They do a great job and they keep up with the latest technology for the tools they are using.  They are very good with handling pain.”

    Ned O. South Bend Indiana
    June 2013

  • “I fly from Florida to see you …”

    “It took me a long time to trust another dentist … Now, I fly from Florida to see you …”

    Barb G.
    May 2013

  • “We are so happy to be called your patients.”

    "... You have provided the best care for me, my sons and now my daughter-in-law and grand-daughter.  We are so happy to be called your patients.”

    Sandy S.
    May 2013

  • “… love coming to see you.”

    “Thank you for all you do.  We love coming to see you.”

    The C. Family
    May 2013

  • “… lucky to find you …”

    “Thank you so much for the care you’ve provided our family.  We were so lucky to find you when we moved here 24 years ago!  You have been a blessing.”

    The “L” Family
    May 2013

  • “… very satisfied …”

    “… I am a mulit-generational patient!  Obviously, I would not continue to use this practice 30 miles from home if I weren’t very satisfied and confident in the care I receive!”

    Barb U.  
    May 2013

  • “… wonderful caring dentist!”

    “… I feel very fortunate to have found a wonderful caring dentist!  Now I have no fear of dentists anymore! …”

    Joyce W.  
    May 2013

  • “… kind ways …”

    “… your kind ways are so appreciated.  Thanks for all that you have done for me… ”

    Cynthia W.  
    May 2013

  • “… kind and thoughtful …”

    “What a blessing you have been … you have helped me through a couple of bad years … You’re all so kind and thoughtful.  Of course professionally you’re all the best.”

    Beverly H.  
    May 2013

  • “What a reflection the physical is to the personal and character.”

    “I love the atmosphere in the waiting room!  It makes the wait a pleasure – really.  What a reflection the physical is to the personal and character.”

    Fred M.  
    May 2013

  • “… warm & welcoming …”

    “… You have consistently provided quality service, in an environment that is customer centered (warm & welcoming).  For the 1st time in my life I come to the Dental Office with a smile … ”

    Mr. & Mrs. A  
    May 2013

  • “ … I love your work. …”

    “ … I love your work. …”
    James M. 
    May 2013

  • “… best dental care I have ever had in my life.”

    "Thank you for the best dental care I have ever had in my life.  Please accept these flowers as a token of my appreciation."

    Dr. N.
    May 2013

  • “… so kind.”

    “...You and your staff are so kind.”

    Cindy S. 
    May 2013

  • “… very satisfied …”

    "I am very satisfied with the price and care I receive.  My wife and I are able to schedule our appointments for the same day at the same time.  This makes life much easier.  The service is great and I like the doctors they have on staff.  The office environment is great as well."

    Mr. & Mrs. S.  Indianapolis
    April 2013

  • “… cheerful demeanor.”

    “...I really didn’t think I’d have a dentist as an adult I’d like as much as my childhood dentist, but I was wrong.  Thank you for always explaining things and for your cheerful demeanor.”

    Amy T. 
    April 2013

  • “… gentle touch …”

    “Your expertise has made a great difference in my quality of life.  You have a gentle touch, but are so excellent at your profession.  God bless you.”

    Joanie C.  
    April 2013

  • “… really good …”

    “You’re a really good dentist.  You have helped me a lot with teeth problems.”

    Julia B.
    April 2013

  • “… always competent …”

    “... I love coming to your practice – the surroundings are wonderful, staff is very professional & the dentists are always competent. ...”

    Jan A.
    April 2013

  • “… Wow!”

    “... We’ve been a part of your family since 1972.  … You’ve have taken care of four generations!!  Wow!”

    Mrs. Linda K.
    April 2013

  • “… wonderful …”

    “... You are so wonderful & I wish I met you sooner…”

    Shirley B.
    April 2013

  • “… kind and very special …”

    “… Thanks for all the great care and many pretty teeth/smile.   You and your staff are just great, kind and very special.  It’s all been nearly painless – not quite but oh so close …”

    Deanna W.
    April 2013

  • “Thanks for your patience …”

    “Thanks for your patience, great smile & of course, your professional expertise”

    Judy P.  
    April 2013

  • “… definitely recommend …”

    "... My experience has been great.  I have been seeing them for about 6 years.  I would definitely recommend them to others... "

    Mrs. M.
    April 2013

  • “… couldn’t be more pleased …”

    "... The staff is very accommodating and friendly.  She is very knowledgeable and great at her job ... I couldn't be more pleased with her service."

    Jamie B.
    March 2013

  • “… good follow-up …”

    "... I didn't have a dentist in Indy and a friend recommended them.  I'll be going back ... Good follow-up with the staff.  They ... dealt with the insurance company (even though they weren't in an in-network) ... it was a pretty good experience.”

    Randall F.  Indianapolis
    February 2013

  • “… friendly, considerate and respectful …”

    “… Have been using Avalon Dentistry for over 20 years and I have never had a bad experience. This is the best Dental/Medical office I have ever visited. The staff is always friendly, considerate and respectful … You could not find better dentists or a better dental office!”

    Robert S. 
    January 2013

  • “… calm, no-worry …”

    “… Trips to the dentist are not always on one’s “wish list”, but you always helped make it a calm, no-worry visit by being so nice and friendly …”

    Sherry B.
    January 2013

  • “… magnificent …”

    “… Years ago the thought that we could write a happy letter to a dental establishment would have been inconceivable.  But yours is a different kind of establishment.  Dental yes, but also magnificent as a family group.  The coordination among the entire group is remarkable … Thanks for letting us be part of your family.”

    Mr. & Mrs. H.  
    January, 2013

  • “… wonderful …”

    “… I love coming to your practice – the surroundings are wonderful, staff is very professional & dentists are always most competent … "

    Jim A.
    January 2013

  • “… professional and caring …”

    “Thank you for your dedication and expertise.  Check-ups, filings, chipped tooth repairs & crowns … you’ve done them all and with a professional and caring demeanor.  Thanks for all you’ve done - & will continue to do – to keep us smiling.”

    The “O” Family
    January 2013

  • “… making a trip to the dentist pleasant …”

    “… Thanks for all you’ve done … For being a great dentist for our family … For your generosity and kindness after the death of my mother … For coming in to the office on your day off … For apologizing for the unnerving noise a dental drill makes … For putting together a great office staff … For making a trip to the dentist as pleasant as can be!”

    Sherry B.  
    January 2013

  • “… honesty and integrity.”

    “… What I admire most … is your honesty and integrity.  I have always trusted your judgment and have known that if you recommended a solution, you did so because it was the best thing to do.  Believe me that was not always my experience prior to coming to your office.  I decided a long time ago that the people that I know and respect the most share two traits:  They love their profession – and they are excellent at doing their job.  You are certainly in that category and I know that I would never hesitate to recommend you to family or friends.  You are the best!  I am so grateful for your compassion and generosity.  The state of my teeth has been a concern and a source of stress for me for the last several years.  Thank you for making everything “bearable” – I don’t think I would have made it through without you.”

    Craig H.  
    January 2013

  • “… utmost confidence in your work …”

    “… I once heard it said that it must be hard being a dentist knowing that people many times do not want to come see you.  You have to be a very special person to alleviate the anxiety and worry that accompanies “going to the dentist.”  You are one of those special persons.  I have the upmost confidence in your work, as well as your expertise.  You never let a patient leave your office until they are satisfied.  And if they leave and still are not satisfied, you encourage them to come back so you can address their concern.  I think your work is excellent, and your professional attitude about your job and your patients exceed what most people would expect from a dentist … Thank you for being our dentist for these many years.  We trust you.”

    Dennis L.  
    January 2013

  • “… I appreciate everything you do.”

    “… Thank you for all the excellent work you have always done on my teeth.  Especially thank you for always being so kind.  I never dreaded coming in for a visit, I always know you would make things better.  I realize I have been a challenge but you have never made me feel like I was.  I appreciate everything you do.”

    Love Theresa G. 
    January 2013

  • “… highly recommend …”

    “Great dental practice.  Skilled staff, great rapport, responsive, fairly priced.  Have been using this provider for years and highly recommend them…”

    Sherry B. 
    December 2012

  • “… truly interested in your satisfaction …”

    “Very professional, Great chair side manor, and their first priority is you the patient ... They are very concerned about your experience and care during the visit. The follow up to ensure that you are getting the results that you came in for is very apparent ... They are truly interested in your satisfaction throughout your visit.  I would highly recommend this practice for all of your dental needs!!!”

    Jeff K. 
    November 2012

  • “… pleasant experience.”

    “I've been coming here for years and it's the same every time:  I check in, which is always pleasant. Five minutes later, Polly comes to get me.  She and I chat and catch up on what's happened over the past 6 months.  She cleans my teeth and I check out ... which is another pleasant experience.  I can't say enough good things about this group. I can honestly say I don't hate going to the dentist!!”

    Linda H.  Fishers Indiana
    October 2012

  • “… friendly and approachable …”

    "This is my regular dentist and has been for years. Her father was before he retired.  She is always friendly and approachable. … She is willing to work you in if she is available.”

    Anna B.  Indianapolis
    October 2012

  • “… absolutely perfect.”

    “As the first time, the office is clean, the staff is punctual and pleasant, everything goes absolutely perfectly.  Love them!”

    Sandra K.  Indianapolis
    September 2012

  • “… excellent service.”

    “They are very attentive to your needs and give excellent service.”

    Julie S.  Fortville Indiana
    September 2012

  • “… wonderful staff …”

    “She has a beautiful office and wonderful staff … She always explains whatever question I have.  She also has a very pleasant bedside manner and very good billing ... They're very thorough, and very good ...”

    Anna B.  Indianapolis
    August 2012

  • “You will not be disappointed!!”

    “I have used Avalon Dentistry for years and can't say enough about them … I wouldn't hesitate recommending Avalon Dentistry.  You will not be disappointed!!”

    Linda H. Fishers Indiana
    August 2012

  • “… whole office was very nice.”

    “… She is a very good dentist.  My husband and I liked her very much.  Her father was also a dentist.  I had no problem getting in … The whole office was very nice.”

    Mr. & Mrs. B.  Fishers Indiana
    July 2012

  • “… friendly and professional.”

    “They’re friendly and professional.   I have not any issues with them … they are all good.”

    Thomas L.  Forest Park Illinois
    July 2012

  • “… top notch dentist.”

    “… I have been using her and her father for almost thirty years now … I am very happy with her service.  She is very pleasant and very thorough, and she a top notch dentist.  She is very available in emergencies … Her office environment is very nice.”

    Mr. & Mrs. W.  Indianapolis
    July 2012

  • “… make you feel comfortable …”

    “… Her staff was always extremely professional. They really make you feel comfortable being in a dentist's office when you are not excited about being there. I would recommend her to anyone that would ask me for a dentist.

    Pat S. Indianapolis
    June 2012

  • “… always prompt and friendly …”

    “Dr. Borkowski, Dr. Duncan (Beavers) and their staff are wonderful.  My husband & I have been going there for a number of years now at the referral of a friend and would not want to go anywhere else.  They are always prompt and friendly and we know they are receiving the best treatment/service … ”

    Mr. & Mrs. G. Fishers Indiana
    June 2012

  • “… excellent, superb and perfect.”

    “She is very nice, confident and knows what she is doing. If you have an emergency she will take you in right away … She is very accessible. She is excellent, superb and perfect. We have been seeing her for 40 years.”

    Mr. & Mrs. B. Fishers Indiana
    May 2012

  • “… going well.”

    “Everything is going well.”

    Kay R. Indianapolis
    May 2012

  • “… kind touch …”

    “Fantastic Dentists and Support Staff.  I have been a patient of Dr. Chris's at Avalon Dentistry for years now. She has a kind touch and a warm personality. Although I have always dreaded going to the dentist, Dr. Chris and her support staff do everything possible to make the experience positive. The service is wonderful. Avalon is well managed. They are always on time and they call me to remind me of upcoming appointments.”

    Greg B. 
    April 2012

  • “… office is great …”

    “The office is great, the people are great. Everybody there is just so great.  I have just great things to say about them.”

    Mr. & Mrs. S.  Indianapolis
    April 2012

  • “They are good …”

    “They are good … I would use their services again in the future.”

    Zack L. Brownsburg Indiana
    March 2012

  • “… would use her again …”

    “… She gets "A's" across the board and I would use her again in the future.”

    Michael H. 
    March 2012

  • “… taken care of me without question.”

    “She'll see me anytime I really need help. She has taken care of me without question.”

    Anna B. Indianapolis
    February 2012

  • “… excellent.”

    “I have been going there for a while now … The oral hygienist is really good. The staff is excellent.”

    Jane L. Indianapolis
    February 2012

  • “… personal …”

    “They offer personal service and always do a good job.”

    Mr. & Mrs. L. Indianapolis
    February 2012

  • “… very talented.”

    “We’ve been using them for past 14 years. They provide wonderful dental care … When I was working, there would absolutely be no wasting of time sitting in the waiting room. They schedule things correctly. They hire nice staff. Their dental hygienist has always been very professional and very talented. The dentists themselves are very well trained …”

    Barry D. Indianapolis
    February 2012

  • “… pleasant …”

    “She is pleasant and dependable. Her staff and the hygienists are good.”

    Amy K. 
    December 2011

  • “… I really like them.”

    “They are very good and I really like them.  They are friendly and they are very responsive.

    Mr. & Mrs. B. Fishers Indiana
    September 2011

  • “… responsive and caring.”

    “They're prompt and they know what they're doing. They're very responsive and caring.”

    Mr. & Mrs. B. Fishers Indiana
    September 2011

  • “… very good …”

    “They are really good … Their availability and bedside manner are very good, and the office environment is very nice. I would continue to use them in the future.”

    Timothy B.  Indianapolis
    September 2011

  • “… She is wonderful.”

    “I loved her … She is wonderful.  Her office staff is very friendly.  I have never had a problem getting an appointment. Her office staff is very friendly …”

    Jeanna C.  Greenfield Indiana
    August 2011

  • “… does good work …”

    “She is good. She does good work and is very nice person.”

    Carol H. Indianapolis
    July 2011

  • “I love my dentist.”

    “I love my dentist. It’s been a good experience and I have been seeing her for probably about 15 years.”

    Linda H. Fishers Indiana
    June 2011

  • “… a concerned dentist …”

    “I went to her dad before and now go to see her. She is a concerned dentist but also doesn’t try to jump into things.”

    Judith R. Greenwood Indiana
    June 2011

  • “… very good …”

    “It went ok. The service is very good …”

    Mr. & Mrs. B. Fishers Indiana
    May 2011

  • “They are confident.”

    “They are confident. The staff is great they can’t be better. I would continue to see them in the future.”

    Mr. & Mrs. W. Indianapolis
    May 2011

  • “… very competent …”

    “… In addition to Dr. Chris being very competent her staff is also incredibly pleasant and well trained.”

    Gerry K. Indianapolis
    May 2011

  • “… very reliable and conservative …”

    “ … I have used them for years.  They are very reliable and conservative, and they don't over treat. I don't have any problems getting to see them. I will continue using them in future.”

    Mr. & Mrs. B.  Fishers Indiana
    March 2011

  • “… really knows what she is doing.”

    “…We started out with her father and she took over the practice afterwards. She lives up to her father’s reputation. She really knows what she is doing. She is conservative, so she would not try to talk us in to a procedure … It’s a nice office … The waiting room is very pleasant. There is a fireplace and things to read. It’s very cozy there… The front office people are very pleasant. One has been there for the last 25 years, I think.”

    Mr. & Mrs. W. Indianapolis
    January 2011

  • “… feel like I am with family …”

    “The dentist actually did the cleaning and was extremely gentle. She even took the time to discuss some questions I had with my daughter's exam she had performed a month before. She was extremely personable as well as all the staff I come in contact with there. Iris is a lovely person who does all the billing and setting up of appointments. When I come in I feel like I am with family …”

    Carla M. Indianapolis
    November 2010

  • “… pleasant to go there …”

    “They are very thorough and it's pleasant to go there because they know who I am. I've been going there since the late 60's …”

    Elizabeth H. Carmel Indiana
    October 2010

  • “… outstanding …”

    “I have been seeing him or his daughter for the past 40 years … He was fantastic.  … They are outstanding. “

    Doris C. Indianapolis
    August 2010

  • “… good job.”

    “I have been using the Avalon Dentistry for many years …I think that they do a reasonably good job.”

    Linda B. 
    January 2010

  • pleasant and dependable

    “She is pleasant and dependable. Her staff and the hygienists are good.”

    Amy K. Cicero Indiana
    December 2009

  • very friendly

    “I have been going to them for 20 years. They are very professional and they provide very good service. The staff there is very friendly.”

    Peter D. Indianapolis
    November 2009

  • punctual and professional

    “ I have been going there for many years … They are good. They are punctual and professional.”

    George D. Indianapolis
    October 2009

  • very good experience

    “She is very cordial and friendly. The office is very nice and the office staff is good … We have had a very good experience with them.”

    Mr. & Mrs. B. Indianapolis
    October 2009

  • I feel confident in her dentistry

    “ She is friendly and a good dentist. I feel confident in her dentistry. I never feel like she tries to persuade me to do unnecessary dental work which is a problem we've had with my husband's dentist. Her hygienists are great at the cleaning and are very pleasant.”

    Jennifer B. Indianapolis
    October 2009

  • I like the office

    “I like the office … She does an excellent job as far as I can tell.”
    Mary C. Carmel Indiana
    October 2009

  • friendly

    “She's friendly.”

    George D.
    June 2009

  • excellent, caring professional

    “She's an excellent, caring professional … I would absolutely continue to see her in the future.”
    Stephen M. Indianapolis
    March 2009

  • She never has to redo anything

    “She is fantastic! I like everything about her. She never has to redo anything, she gets it the first time. I will absolutely continue to see her in the future.”

    Doris C.
    March 2009

  • really done a good job

    “They are super. They've really done a good job. We've been going to them for about 30 years.”

    Mr. & Mrs. P.
    March 2009

  • caring professional

    “She's an excellent, caring professional … I would absolutely continue to see her in the future.”

    Stephen M.
    March 2009

  • She never has to redo anything

    “She is fantastic! I like everything about her. She never has to redo anything, she gets it the first time. I will absolutely continue to see her in the future.”

    Doris C.
    March 2009

  • They are super

    “They are super. They've really done a good job. We've been going to them for about 30 years.”

    Mr. & Mrs. P. Indianapolis

    March 2009

  • took time to ask me if I was doing ok

    “ Did not have to wait for 2 minutes. The hygienist was friendly and professional. Did a nice job and took time to ask me if I was doing ok, or if there was any discomfort, etc. Dr. Borkowski was also very cordial and competent.”

    Mr. D. Indianapolis
    November 2008

  • it is not a discount dentistry but you get your money’s worth out of them

    “They are great, they are very professional, we have been going to her father before her and now we visit her, we have a lot of trust between us, it is a family practice, it is not a discount dentistry but you get your money’s worth out of them.”

    Dan S.
    October 2008

  • She is very confident and professional

    " I feel the prices are reasonable. I am very pleased with her. She is very confident and professional. Everything is always on time … She has done a great job. I plan to stick with her and would recommend her to others.”

    Joseph M. Indianapolis
    October 2008

  • Everything has been pretty good

    “Everything has been pretty good. I have seen both Borkowski’s, and have been happy with both of them.”

    Joe R. Indianapolis
    September 2008

  • received Indiana Dental Association award

    “She joined her father in practice and as a team they received Indiana Dental Association award for geriatric dentistry. At age 50 if they can keep really old peoples teeth in their head it is a good person for me to be going to.”

    Mark F. Indianapolis
    September 2008

  • They are very prompt for appointments

    “ I have been seeing for 4 years.  They are very prompt for appointments. They follow up very well. They call a couple days in advance so that you know you need to be there. I am very happy with their work. The staff at is this practice is very friendly and easy to work with.”

    Mr. John W. Martinsville
    September 2008

  • I would recommend her to others

    “ I have been with her services since 1990.  She is very personable and very professional, she has done a root canal on me, on a Saturday which was her day off … I would recommend her to others.”

    Cindy M. Indianapolis
    August 2008

  • her hygienist is also very caring and professional

    “I went to see her father before her. She took over his practice. She is a very competent dentist ... She is always gentle and pain free. She has a staff that is very courteous and her hygienist is also very caring and professional.”

    Mr. & Mrs. B. Indianapolis
    July 2008

  • They are excellent

    “We have been using this dental office for 40 years because Christine took over her father's practice. They are excellent. The service is great … They are also very good at reminding you about appointments.”

    Mr. & Mrs. B. Indianapolis
    July 2008

  • She is timely and thorough

    “She is timely and thorough and I just like her and wouldn't have any problem recommending her to anybody who needed a dentist.”

    Jan S. Indianapolis
    July 2008

  • She is a very kind person

    “I like her personality. I love the fact that she is very people interested. She is a very kind person who has a good expertise. The waiting and examination areas are clean. I usually only have to wait 5 or ten minutes.”

    Richard J. Noblesville Indiana
    June 2008

  • waited less than ten minutes

    “I have been using her for years now. I waited less than ten minutes from the time I checked in until the time I was admitted into a room. The cleaning stared as soon as I was admitted.”

    Greg B.
    June 2008

  • absolutely wonderful

    “They are absolutely wonderful …”

    Susan H. Indianapolis
    June 2008

  • “I always trusted them.”

    “I had been going here for quite some time, about 38 years to be exact.  Always very satisfied. They did not ever go out looking for work. I always trusted them.”

    Ken K. Austin Texas
    April 2008

  • the entire staff are wonderful

    “Dr. Chris Borkowski and the entire staff are wonderful. A few years ago my son chipped his front tooth. I rushed him over just as they were closing. Dr. Chris brought him right in, glued the tooth on and gave me her home phone number. It was Friday and she was concerned that the tooth wouldn't last over the weekend. Sure enough it came off Sunday morning. We called her and she came into the office, rebuilt the tooth and sent him on his way. The tooth is still attached 6 years later …”

    Mr. M.
    May 2008